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I quit Patreon by Moonarc I quit Patreon by Moonarc
I know its too early for me to say this, but this is the reason why I quit Patreon.....

1. Creating the reward is really fun, but It's really a struggle to manage my time between Freelance job and creating Patreon reward every month. from now I will be more focus to do freelance job.

2. I think my work is not good and not "NSFW" enough to attact people to pledge. 

3. Really slow to grow for unpopular artist like me.. I think there is a trend here to "follow the famous one". 

4. I think Gumroad is more suited platform for me, as I can release new work anytime and for people that interested to buy my work..  you will not billed each month. (You buy what you want anytime)

5. It was not worth it for my time and energy that I put in every piece of my work. even people keep unpledging me. really it makes me sad sometime. it keeps me questioning my self  " What happen with my work", "Is it not good", "You dont like my reward?"   

I hope it is right decision for me to keep growing, thank you very much for caring you are all good people, please support me by following me on my Deviantart page if you like my work.

Thank you very much~


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December 3, 2016
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